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We've been doing this for long enough to be called all sorts of things. Ahem. But recently EXPERTS, has been mentioned.

So with that in mind, off we go with a few things to consider when choosing photos for your STUFF.
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Think about the shape of the stuff you are ordering, especially if it’s square. By far the most common problem we have is with the subject matter, being too close to the edge of the photo. We print the WHOLE panel on your stuff, NOT a little patch in the middle like some other sites.

SQUARE STUFF: Keep your subject in the centre of the photo


Try to only use tall pictures for tall stuff and long pictures for long stuff...


Photo Quality
We can use your traditional photo prints or digital photos. The general rule to remember is that the better the quality image we have to print, the sharper your stuff will be. We have broken this down into 4 categories. These are only general recommendations; hopefully they will be of use to you.
  • Best quality
    • Traditional end prints from film cameras
    • Digital Photos from Modern digital cameras on high quality/fine setting, sent digitally

  • Second quality
    • Professional Prints from modern digital cameras
    • Photos from older digital cameras, bought before aprox 2003
    • Old, faded or worn traditional photographs

  • Low quality
    • Home printed inkjet prints from a modern photo printer on photo paper from a modern digital camera
    • Phone Pictures taken on most phones bought since late 2005

  • Poor quality
    • Webcam Pictures
    • Phone pictures taken on phones bought before 2005
    • Inkjet prints on Inkjet or plain paper

Really Big Prints
Even in this day and age the most reliable format is traditional film based prints that’s we can scan at the highest resolution for pin sharp results. Digital files aren’t magic, they have limits to how big they will blow up for our bigger sizes of canvas!! Most new digital cameras will take pictures in a high quality mode that will blow up to our biggest size without becoming unsharp. But do make sure it is set on the highest quality mode it has.

Last Word
If you have any doubts about your picture choice give us a call or email us and we can have a look for you, and advise you of the best selection for you.

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