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Hello, welcome to Photostuffdirect. We put your photos on stuff.

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Just send us your digital photos and we'll make them into funky colourful personalised photo gifts. It's simple, pick your photo gifts, upload your photo we do the rest!!

If it’s a Photo Canvas or a Photo Cushion the quality is the same and that’s amazing! Now in our 5th year of supplying you top quality photo gifts delighting 1000s of you happy photostuff people with anything from a photo canvas to a Photo Mug to a Photo Cushion!

We use high tech, digital textile printing to transfer your picture onto woven textile for a soft luxury feel and amazing colour. We won't use 'plasticy' PVC coated stock, our 'photo canvas' is real woven canvas.

We pride ourselves on giving you fantastic service. See what our satisfied customers say about Photo Gifts from Bags of Love on our ‘reviews’ page. All our photo gifts are hand made, to order in the UK. We also provide red-eye or date stamp removal on all photo gifts, for free.

We love talking on the phone about Photo Gifts or photo canvas and will always try to answer in person (unless we're busy making your photo canvas). So if you need any help ordering your photo gifts please just call!!

We launched this website after the realization that buying canvas prints from the other sites was a bit boooorrrring. So we thought we'd inject a bit of life into buying personalised gifts.

So Hopefully you can have a giggle while you browse our stuff, even if you don't buy anything (tightwad.. ;) just remember to tell your friends and we'll love you forever.


TheTeam at Photostuff.


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'We have a deepfounded belief that 'quality is king', everything we do is based on that, our Photo Gifts, our Photo Canvas, our service, our website, everything! That's why we have been making photo gifts for so many years. Look around the site and see all the fab quality personalised gifts we have to offer.'

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Advice and Articles about our stuff

How To Pick The Right Photo For Photo Gifts

There's more to selecting the right photo gifts than downloading and clicking. Here are some important factors to look for.

Photo gifts make wonderful personalised gifts, but if you want to make sure that the recipients really enjoy them, then you need to pick the right photo. That can be difficult. Most of us now have thousands of images to choose from. Now that we've gone digital, we're not nearly as selective with what we photograph, and we probably don't remember to delete the duds.

So, what kind of photo is right for photo gifts? Before thinking about the photos, you should start by thinking about the gifts themselves, as the shape of the gift will help you decide what photo to use. These days photo gifts are available in all shapes and sizes and for every room in the house. If you are giving canvas prints, then almost any photo will do. If you are having the photo printed on a small fridge magnet, then it's best to think about the qualities of the image. An action shot with lots going on might not be the best choice. Instead, a single close up image can help you make that particular photo gift memorable.

Photographers often talk about composition and that's a key issue when selecting the right photo for your photo gifts. Composition is all about what's in the photo and how it is placed. For example, a photo where the person is off centre may look slightly wrong if that is where you want the eye to focus. In contrast, a photo where the subject is in the centre and the background IS in the background will look much better. It's something to be aware of when selecting your photo.

Focus On Colour Another consideration might be how the colours in the photo will blend in with your chosen gift, or how they will fit in the location. If your colour scheme at home is cream or magnolia, hanging a photo canvas which is ultra bright might clash, while hanging a canvas in similar colours might make it unnoticeable. It's also worth considering whether your photo really looks good on the side of a tote bag, or whether it's more suited to a photo cushion.

Don't forget to think about shape. Photos are generally portrait or landscape (tall or wide) in orientation. However, photo gifts come in all shapes and sizes so it's best to choose the one that fits the shape of your gift. A wide photo might be best for a photo pet mat, while you might prefer a tall photo for some photo canvases. If you're choosing a photo for a mug, the right shape may depend on whether your photo will be stuck on each side or wrapped around the whole mug.

Giving photo gifts is a wonderful way to show that you care with a present of something unique, but there's more to it than clicking on the first photo you find. Don't forget to think about shape, size, orientation and composition when choosing this wonderful gift.  


Seven Reasons To Give Photo Gifts

Here are seven great reasons why photo gifts make the coolest presents

It's not always easy to find the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or colleague. There are many gifts to choose from, but it can be tricky to find one that sends exactly the right message. However, there is a way that you can give a gift that says exactly what you want. That's by choosing personalized gifts for your special occasions. Here are seven reasons to give photo gifts.

1. Give personalised gifts for any occasion The range of photo gifts is so varied that you are certain to find one that suits the occasion. Whether you are thinking of photo bags, photo cushions for the household, photo mugs for your colleagues or a photo canvas to hang on the wall, these make grear personalised gifts which will always be appreciated.

2. Uniqueness. If you give photo gifts, then the recipient can be sure that no one else will have the identical gift. Choosing a photo that is just right for the occasion and personalising an object such as a magnet, mug or strip of stickers means that the photo gift you give is truly unique - and there's nothing to make the recipient feel more special.

3. A light hearted way to show your feelings. Photos reveal a lot about the way we think and feel at the time they are taken. That's true for both the photographer and the person being photographed. Whether you select a photo that reveals a humorous or an emotional mood, you reveal how you feel about the recipient and what your treasured memory is.

4. Usefulness. Some people like practical gifts, and what could be more practical than a mug, or a fridge magnet to hold your notes on the fridge? Not all personalised gifts are artistic. Some of them are truly useful, such as photo pet mats and photo bags. It's nice to add a touch of whimsy to a practical gift by using a photo to personalise it.

5 Lasting gifts. It's always tempting to take the easy option when it comes to gifts and give flowers or chocolates. Those gifts give a great deal of pleasure, but they don't last. Soon, the chocolates are eaten and the flowers wither. Instead of transient gifts, give photo gifts. The recipient will be able to treasure the memories they bring for many years.

6. Suitable for everyone. Everyone loves looking at photos. With personalized gifts you don't have to agonise about whether you have selected the right gift for a particular person. You don't have to choose one gift for a colleague and another for your mum. All you have to do is find the right photo.

7. Easy to obtain. This is a practical reason. It's nice to know that there's one type of gift which is no hassle at all. All you have to do is upload a photo, choose the type of gift and wait for it to be delivered. Photo gifts are a no hassle way to make everyone happy.